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We’ve Got a New Look & Here’s Why

Posted by Joe Taylor on
We’ve Got a New Look & Here’s Why

We’ve got a new look. Since you’re here, we might as well tell you all about it.

“Joe became increasingly frustrated by the fact that all the healthy snacking options on the market were dull, worthy, functional, misleading or overly-complicated.  Why couldn’t naturally nutritious snacking be more fun & tasty?”

As you may already know, Joe & Carly started up Real Handful in 2016. But our roots go back a little further than that. A few years previously Joe was taking part in Ironman Triathlon and during training he realised that no one was making nutritious snacks with more natural ingredients.  More importantly what was available looked, and tasted, a bit bland – not great when you’re looking for a tasty distraction from all that running, swimming and cycling.

Our new look, our old one was so 2016…

After putting himself through a hell of a lot, he felt he at least deserved something tasty & naturally nutritious too.  So Joe took inspiration from a trekking trip to the Grand Canyon and started making his own trail mixes blending dried fruits, nuts and seeds with a sprinkle of chocolate.  Working in food and drink industry already Joe became increasingly frustrated by the functional, misleading and over-complicated healthy snacking options available on the market.  So he decided to take action and Real Handful was born, with a mission to make healthier snacking simple, fun and delicious.

From launching in 2016 with a range of trail mixes, our snacks have started popping up all over the UK in the likes of Holland & Barrett, Sainsbury’s and Ocado to name a few.  Our flavour-infused trail mixes were grabbing people’s attention but with a name like Real Handful we thought it was time our packaging worked harder to pop on supermarket shelves and reflect our company values.

So we got to work behind the scenes and re-launched at the end of April 2018 with a new look and new recipes, although the ideas behind this have been swimming around for a little while. We’re tired of the binary labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it doesn’t fit in with the ordinary snacker, like us here at Real Handful. So, our ethos is to make snacking better, we want to take the seriousness out of it all and put fun and flavour front and centre again – and importantly, let snacking be Unruly. Our trail mixes and bars are naturally nutritious – with high nut content, some being a source of protein or fibre, or having no added sugar, they’re all vegan-friendly and gluten-free. But, just as importantly for us, they are also delicious, with some exciting flavours that you might not expect – such as blood orange and espresso.

While we were covering the tasty inside of our snacks, we started to work with a very cool illustrator, George(s), and design studio, Midday, who helped us match this ethos with a rebellious look.

Our Mint Choc Chipper illustration by the talented George(s)

Our new hand-drawn style, bold colours and surreal illustrations are our way of saying we are bored of healthy being scientific or twee, we’re making sure snacks can be fun and full of flavour. We always promise to offer a treat for tastebuds and one that you’ll never feel guilty about – even if you haven’t run a triathlon.

We’ve unleashed our Unruly gang onto the world, so watch out for our snacks near you, we can’t guarantee your taste buds will be the same again.

For questions, genius suggestions and everything else in between, hit us up on:

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