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On a Mission

Hi, we’re Carly & Joe, Co-Founders at Real Handful and we’ve spent most of our (adult) lives working in food & drink.  Real Handful was launched in 2016 with the vision of creating a range of snacks for busy households like ours, fuelled by plant nutrition.
We’re on a mission to ‘make better snacks that improve lives’ which sounds very grand but really means;

1) Championing healthy, affordable, snacking habits

2) Create nutritious snacks that taste good whilst doing you good

3) Support families impacted by food poverty


Our snacks are powered by top quality nuts, seeds, grains, veggies and fruit that deliver the fibre, protein and ‘good’ fats our bodies need.  We also make sure all our snacks are packed with Unruly Flavour – from infused fruits to natural seasonings or the odd sprinkle of Belgian chocolate.  Every ingredient we use is also responsibly sourced from SEDEX approved suppliers and processed as minimally as possible.

Busy Household Snacking Made Simple

We’re a family run business and have three young boys to juggle along with work and making time to keep active.  We know that healthier snacking isn’t always as convenient, fun or tasty as we all might like it to be. That’s why we’re constantly reassessing our range of snacks at Real Handful, looking to make improvements and develop new, exciting, ranges.  Hopefully we’ve got you covered, and if we’ve not then tell us what you’re after and we’ll get our thinking caps on!

Doing Better

We’re far from perfect but we’re trying.  Our dream is to see Real Handful grow and prosper as an ethical, diverse, sustainable and open business producing snacks that do people good.  It’s not as glamorous as colonising Mars but it will do for us!  One project we’re proud to have started early in our journey was the 2019 launch of the ‘Real Handful Kids Initiative’ which has already seen us donate thousands of snacks to families impacted by food poverty in the UK and we can’t wait to scale this programme as we grow!