Our Values

Being Real

We are entirely bot free. Yes, it was the very real hands of Real Handful that typed this message. Drop us a line and you’ll be sure to hear from one of the team, typos, bad puns and occasionally sloppy grammar are yours for free.

Being Honest

From the history of the dried strawberry, to Joe’s morning routine, ask us anything and we’ll give you a straight up answer. We’re not perfect or by any means close, but we are transparent and that’s one thing we’re proud of.

Being Better

We’re on a mission to constantly improve the good ship Real Handful, from the snacks we make to the swag we put into the world, we can always be better. This means we want to hear what you think of us – the good and the bad. Basically, we hate silence, drop us a line we’re all ears.

Being Brave

Put simply, this means trying new things. We’ll go with our gut when it feels right, so if you’ve got a snacking problem you need solving or a genius idea, then be brave and talk to the hand.

Being Really Ambitious

Although we’re small in size, we’re certainly not in spirit. Being a mighty force with big aspirations, we’re making it our duty to spread the word of unruly flavour. We want to see our delicious & nutritious snacks available in as many places, hands and mouths as possible. Starting with yours, hop to it.

Being Humble

We’ve got good intentions and big plans for the future. But, we hate smugness. So take it from us, we promise to stay grounded and more importantly, we’ll always keep Joe’s ego in check.