We Don’t Play By The Rules

We are bored of snacks being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, so we decided to make ours better.


We’re on a mission to save healthy snacking from serious. Complex nutritionals, fad diets, fake endorsements and boring packaging has turned snacking into a complete minefield, when it should just be simple. So we’re done with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ because after all life isn’t binary, and neither are we.

Here’s our promise – when you grab a Real Handful snack it’s always going to be crammed with naturally nutritious ingredients like fruits, nuts, seeds & grains to keep you fuelled with fast and slow release energy, protein and fibre. But, we’re also cheerleading for Unruly Flavour which means with us you’re guaranteed the unexpected. From infusing our raisins with natural flavours, to adding a sprinkle of sea salt on our Caramellow bar, we certainly don’t do boring and we won’t let you either. Don’t swap flavour for health, snack the Real Handful way. Take the high road, ditch the rulebook and embrace your glorious unruliness.

The Rule Breakers

Perhaps starting a business when you’ve got three mischievous boys, a mortgage and a dog thrown into the mix was slightly ambitious. But, for our founders Joe & Carly, it’s too late for worrying about life’s chaos, they’re in far, far too deep.

Spurred on by their frustration with the snacking options available and their ambition to help households everywhere enjoy more naturally nutritious & importantly delicious snacks so in 2016, Real Handful was born. From there we pretty much haven’t stopped on our quest because when it comes to snacking, we want it all and we’re making sure you can have it too.

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