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Allergen Alert – Choc Orange Chase

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Allergen Alert – Choc Orange Chase

Today we’ve notified customers and allergy organisations that we are withdrawing from sale two batches of our Choc Orange Chase Fruit, Nut & Seed Protein Bar as they may contain trace levels of sesame.  The labels for these bars should have a ‘May Contain Sesame’ statement on the label.

Batches affected;

Best Before: 28/08/2019

Best Before: 09/09/2019

If you have one of these bars and have a Sesame allergy please do not eat the bar and please contact us on ‘’ so we can arrange reimbursement or replacement.

We have rectified this issue immediately with our manufacturing partner and no other batches or products are affected.

We apologise for the inconvenience this might cause. No other products or batches are known to be affected.


Carly, Joe, Lizzie & Julie

(The Real Handful Team)

PDF: Please click here to read the full PDF withdrawal notification – Choc Orange Chase Product Recall

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