The Team


Founder aka the original handful

Favourite flavour: Choc Orange Chase
Unruly snack habits: I may have been known to scoop Nutella direct from the jar using a digestive biscuit. Just to be clear, a normal digestive, not a chocolate one. I’m not a monster.
What makes you a Real Handful: My persistence, I literally never give up.  I think that’s how I managed to drag myself round an Ironman Triathlon.


Co-Founder aka Chief Party Planner

Favourite flavour: Sea Salt Caramellow
Unruly snack habits: Cadbury’s crème eggs all year round!
What makes you a Real Handful: I love a good party game, drinking games when I was younger, but more likely kids party games these days. I think I must have been a party-planner in a previous life. Watch out Mr. Piñata!


Operations Manager aka our GPS Trail Mix tracker

Favourite flavour: Mint Choc Chipper
Unruly snack habits: Sneaking a spoonful of unbaked cake mix from the bowl!
What makes you a Real Handful: My annoying habit of checking things once, twice, three times just to be sure. Drives other people crazy, but it does mean I really care about doing things right!


Marketing Manager aka the one who lies awake at night thinking about Instagram captions

Favourite flavour: Blood Orange Burst
Unruly snack habits: Making a batch of stuffing and eating the soggy mixture before it hits the oven
What makes you a Real Handful: Being ridiculously competitive when it comes to Monopoly, or any board games for that matter…