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Why Good Nuts?

Posted by Isabella Sweet on
Why Good Nuts?

Why Real Handful Good Nuts Are Good-er

We’re on a mission to double the number of peanuts we snack on in the UK by educating more consumers on all the amazing health benefits peanuts provide us with.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to our latest snacking range, Good Nuts; nuts but good-er.

What makes our nuts good-er? Read on to find out…

What Makes Our Good Nuts Good-er Than Other Nuts?

The thing is, nuts are already good, they’re nature’s powerhouses packed with protein, fibre, heart-healthy fats and so much more. Our Argentina hi-oleic peanuts are naturally excellent sources of unsaturated ‘good’ fats which are great for maintaining your cholesterol levels.

Instead of being cooked and fried in oil like other nuts, our peanuts are handled with love. Only ever oven baked and expertly season in the UK for a cleaner flavour, before being packed in widely recyclable packaging that’s better for the planet.

Making our nuts even good-er.

What Flavours Are Available?

Currently we have three delicious flavours – our classic Sea Salted, fiery Hot Chilli and caramelly Sweet and Salty.

Where Can I Buy Them?

You can grab our Sea Salted Good Nuts snack packs from Coop, and our Hot Chilli and Sweet and Salty snack packs in Asda. If you’re really nuts for our nuts, you can also grab our bulk bags of Sea Salted and Hot Chilli peanuts from our website and Amazon store.

Are they healthy?

Like most things in life, yes… in moderation. Peanuts are widely known for being excellent sources of many nut-rients, such as protein and fibre, and our hi-oleic peanuts are especially high in heart-healthy fats. All our nut snacks have goodness baked into them and are not cooked and coated in oil.

Are they vegan?

Yes! All three of our flavours are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Any other questions?

Give us a message on Instagram @realhandful or email us at

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