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Why Eat Pale Skin On Peanuts?

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Why Eat Pale Skin On Peanuts?

As we welcome a new peanut to our snacking family, we thought you’d love to know more about this wonderful little peanut.

So, first things first, of course, they aren’t actually nuts, these special little snacks grow underground, making them legumes.

Growing underground means that they require less water than other nuts, meaning this vegan snack is more sustainable for the planet…who knew snacking could be so guilt free right?

Of course, we love to hit you with how nutritious the snacks we use are so here it is, our new Redskin Peanuts have their skins left on, their skins are super high in fibre meaning they can help lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

The skins of these new delicious snacks also contain resveratrol, which is also found in grape skins, so yes, it’s found in red wine as well, what a great nutritious combination…ok if you take out the red wine part.

Red wine jokes aside, containing resveratrol can help lower blood fats which in turn can help reduce your risk of high cholesterol.

So now you’re all clued up on these wonderful new little snacks and can go enjoy our new member of the Real Handful family.

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