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Trail Mix – The Perfect Running Partner?

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Running Snack

Hi again Joe here, Co-Founder at Real Handful. So a long long time ago before Carly and I started Real Handful and before we had 3 kids and a business to worry about I used to exercise, quite a lot in fact! It was my search for more natural & nutritious snacking options whilst training for Ironman triathlon that led me to discover Trail Mix – a discovery that led us to launch Real Handful back in 2016. Trail Mixes really are amazingly versatile and lots of our Unruly Snackers use us purely as an everyday snack, but don’t underestimate the punch that Trail Mix packs as a snack to fuel running.

In this, the first of a mini-series of articles, fitness & food writer Lauren Baker tells us why. And if you’re convinced don’t forget to pop to our new ‘Bulk Deals’ section with bundles perfect for avid runners.

To enjoy more of Lauren’s writing head to her Insta @_laurenabaker

Trail Mix – The Perfect Running Partner

With gyms being closed, our exercise routines have moved outside and for many, they now involve running. From complete newbies to seasoned marathon runners, most of us have a new appreciation for the outdoors (any excuse to get away from the kids for half an hour right?). But, do you know how to fuel this type of movement correctly?

Carbohydrates are perfect for powering you through longer runs and walks, preventing you running out of energy, along with boosting your performance. They’re our bodies main source of energy, broken down into glucose (sugar), before being absorbed into the blood. But, they aren’t only important if you’re running or doing a heavy HIIT session – you need them to function!

Our trail mix is filled with delicious dried fruit and up to 15g of carbohydrates per serving. They also come in handy single-serve packets which are great for throwing in your pocket before you head out.

If you’re going on a long-distance run, you shouldn’t wait until you feel tired before you re-fuel. Instead, it’s recommended you consume roughly 100 calories every 30-45 minutes for optimal performance. This means, our trail mix is perfect if you’re heading out for a couple of hours!

This also makes them the ideal snack for a long walk (no matter how far you end up going!). So, if you start to feel a bit tired, reach for a trail mix and get the energy boost you need.

Post-run or walk, you want to be consuming a high-protein food to help muscle function and repair. Your body is being put under a lot of stress, especially after strenuous exercise, so this is where food can help. Yes, you heard us right! You can help your body simply by eating – a winning combo as long as you’re having the right stuff.

And this is where our plant-based protein bars come in handy. Filled with mixed nuts, seeds and fruit, they contain all the nutritious goodness you need to help your body recover and are vegan-friendly. Plus, with two delicious flavours to choose from (sea salt caramellow and choc orange) and free delivery, what’s stopping you?

Lauren Baker

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