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The Nut Revolution

Posted by Isabella Sweet on
The Nut Revolution

You’ve probably seen on socials that we keep talking about ‘Our Nut Revolution’.

Real Handful holds the keys to bring nuts into the 21st century, so our nut revolution is here to help open the gates.

Greater Manchester is where rebels and revolutions are born! 🤘

Our Northern idols: Alan Turing, Emmeline Pankhurst, Liam Gallagher and Tony Wilson have shown great innovation in the past. As a 'made in Manchester' team ourselves we're on a mission to shake up nut snacking in the North, the UK & beyond.

For a century we've seen the same old boring story from 'Big Peanut'. We've invented aeroplanes, the internet and Tik Tok but 'Big Peanut' is still somehow churning out the same old s***.  Nuts have had the same buyers and been stocked in the same pubs for a little too long.  We want to open nut snacking to a new world and generation of people.

The Real Handful team started The Nut Revolution with the aim to double nut snacking in the UK. As a country we consume the one of lowest quantities of peanuts in the world. China, India, Nigeria and the United States are just some of the world’s top consumers of peanuts. Our question is- Why are the UK missing out on so many Peanuts?

 As you may know over recent years, we have seen a drastic rise in the consumption and popularity of peanut butter. These days you seem to be able to get it in any flavour, texture, protein, vegan or non-vegan variety.

Recent data shows that the peanut butter market was valued at USD 4.77 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 7.19 billion by 2029.

This astonishing figure shows that once you change the perspective on a product or make it trendy, it can change what people think of it.

Our Nut Revolution is here to change what people think of nuts. Nuts are ridiculously tasty and beat the crap out of crisps. Nuts are naturally packed with protein, fibre, and good fats. They are a great choice to gain lots of nutritional value from a snack without filling yourself with artificial flavours and additives. Our products are never cooked in oil, have bolder flavours, and the packaging is better for the planet.

We’ve made nuts for the 21st Century! We want to show you nuts are cool, trendy, hip and they do slay! Our updated Instagram series Cooking for Peanuts will show you how nuts can be used every day to enhance meals with nutrition and flavour. Our other two new Instagram series (The Nut Revolution and The Snack Exchange) are designed to let our people follow along with the revolution.


If you are ready for the future of nuts, get involved with our Nut Revolution🤘


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