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The eRace Chronicles

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Virtual Cycling

Hi this is Joe, Co-Founder at Real Handful. A few weeks ago we were dropped an email by a chap called Steve who was keen to tell us that he was a big fan of our Plant Protein Bars. I nearly discounted it as the usual shameless appeal for free snacks but as my finger hovered over the delete button I paused, read on and found that I was intrigued, very intrigued. Steve explained that he was using the bars to fuel competitive cycling during lockdown, and that this took place remotely using a stationary bike and an app called Zwift. He and a group of friends and cycling enthusiasts say goodbye to work, partners and the responsibilities of putting small children to bed and hole themselves away every Thursday night to race against competitors across the world. I was fascinated and keen to learn more about the team, this world and how they were progressing and keeping themselves in peak racing shape without having to leave their homes. And so without any hesitation we reached an agreement. Real Handful will help ‘fuel’ the progress of the team with plenty of stock over the coming weeks and in exchange Steve and the team would kindly introduce us, and our audience, to the amazing world of eRacing. Having cycled a bit in my now long-distant Ironman triathlon days I know that cycling isn’t just incredible exercise but is also a sport with a very passionate community. Hopefully, someone out there will read and be inspired to dust off their bike or challenge themselves to set some new cycling related goals!

Enjoy instalment 1 of the eRace chronicles…

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