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The Big Night in - Craft Baked Nuts and Dalston's Soda Co Pairing

Posted by Joe Taylor on
The Big Night in - Craft Baked Nuts and Dalston's Soda Co Pairing

This winter staying in is the new going out (you know because going out is against the law and all that) sooooo to make the long dark evenings more bearable we have teamed up with the amazing Dalston's Soda Co and perfectly paired their real fruit sodas and seltzers with our new Craft Baked Nuts range.  These pairings are a welcome treat for the whole household after a busy day.

Craft Baked Sea Salted Peanuts with Alcohol free G&T 

A classic combo without the hangover because Dalston's have launched a fab range of Alcohol Free G&Ts for the sober-curious amongst you.  Our Craft Baked Sea Salted Peanuts are Medium Baked for a richer, darker, taste and perfectly seasoned with Sea Salt.  Very moorish and perfectly complemented by this refreshing yet sophisticated drink. Real rhubarb juice provides a tart, fruity note to Dalston's blend of juniper, coriander and lemon balm botanicals. Nicely balanced with bitter quinine and plenty of fizz.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Craft Baked Salt & Vinegar Peanuts with Cherry Seltzer 

If you like your snacks and drinks on the sharp end of things then give this combo a whirl.   Our Salt & Vinegar Craft Baked nuts are sweet and sharp without taking your breathe away.  At only 40 calories, Dalston's Cherry Seltzer contains real fruit but without all the sugar - a delicate blend of sweet and sour cherry juices, distilled botanicals and sparkling water for a clean but complex soft drink.

Craft Baked Sweet & Salty Peanuts with Fizzy Elderflower  

Now it's time to indulge your taste buds!  Our Baked & Caramelised Sweet & Salty Peanuts come all wrapped up in a Salted Caramel coating but we don't use honey so they're suitable for Vegans.  Just make sure you don't eat the whole 500g bag in one go!  And to wash it down we present an absolute classic given the contemporary Dalston's twist.  Their Fizzy Elderflower is sublime - clean, not overly sweet and made using wild-harvested British elderflower from near the Welsh border. Sold in their infinitely recyclable 330ml cans.

Anyway we hope these combos have provided some inspiration, at the very least to make sure your snacks game is up to your drinks game and vice versa.  Playing around with pairings can be so much fun, so delicious and can lead to members of your household throwing unprompted complements in your direction ala the guests at the Ambassador's Reception in that Ferrero Rocher advert from 1993 - enjoy here.

Stay Unruly,

Handful HQ (& our Friends at Dalston's Soda Co.)

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