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Award Winning Gluten Free, Plant Protein Bars

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Award Winning Gluten Free, Plant Protein Bars

This week has been coeliac disease awareness week and we thought what better way to get involved than shining a light on our award-winning plant protein bars.

What makes our plant protein bars so coeliac friendly? Well, the answer is simple, they are completely free from any ingredients containing gluten and are bought to life in a totally gluten free environment. What’s more to love? Well, this…

Our vegan protein bars are a mix of nutritious natural ingredients like dried fruits, nuts and seeds, but what makes our bars extra special is the fact they are bound with coconut oil, agave nectar and coconut blossom sugar- all refined sugar alternatives!

Wait, there’s more! We took typically luxurious flavours for our bars, Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel, mixed them with our nutritious ingredients and BAM, the irresistible Choc Orange Chase and the tantalising Sea Salt Caramellow plant protein bars were born! Two incredible bars absolutely packed full of flavour! 

So, if you are looking for a gluten free, vegan, source of plant protein, nutritious yet delicious and free from refined sugar...phew, a tempting mouthful right?...alternative these bars are the perfect option! We know, we couldn't resist either! 

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