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Our 2023 wrapped!

Posted by Isabella Sweet on
Our 2023 wrapped!

Ahh it’s now time to put up our feet for Christmas and enjoy all the hard work from 2023. It’s been a big year at the Real Handful HQ with new ranges, new events, and new nut-lovers added to our team! We are more than hopeful that you’ve been able to get your hands on some of our nut snacks over the past 12 months.

This year has been a year of firsts, one of them being our attendance at the London Craft Beer Festival. In August, we took the big trip to London to be a part of the fantastic event. We couldn’t fault the weekend with endless beer, nuts, and chatty punters. At the event we were lucky enough to meet the team behind Pinter which developed into product collaborations and some new work pals in the food & drink industry. If you are attending Manchester Craft Beer Festival next year, then you might see us there too!

As you’ve probably noticed, we have created an influx of foodie content on our socials this year. This is not only because our team has expanded but because nuts are simply a staple cooking ingredient. Peanuts are naturally packed with protein and fibre, making them a powerhouse to always have in your cupboard. If you are ever stuck for something to cook, check out our socials and blog to find a catalogue of sweet or salty masterpieces.

Another first for Real Handful this year was the evolution of The Good Nut Club. An ambassador program designed to create a peanut loving community that is accessible to all. We currently have around 8 members on the Good Nut team who have been creating some notoriously nutty content that has been spreading our mission around the globe! We are very grateful to have such a fun team of creators who just love our nuts. If you fancy getting involved with The Good Nut Club, drop us a line on socials and we can get the conversation started.

As you can imagine we have been working hard at Handful HQ to make sure 2024 will be our biggest year yet! Next year has lots of exciting new adventures; make sure to keep an eye out for an exciting new product launch and the perfect charity partnership. Alternatively, you could subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know🤘


The last day to order to have your parcel delivered before Christmas is the 19th of December midday. Any order made after the 19th December will be shipped 2nd January.

Finally, to save a big thank you to our loyal customers and blog readers we are giving you a 20% discount off the whole website with code 'xmas20'- enjoy and see you in 2024!🤘

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