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Cooking for Peanuts 2: Sweet & Salty Peanut Flapjack

Posted by Isabella Sweet on
Cooking for Peanuts 2: Sweet & Salty Peanut Flapjack

To continue on from our first Cooking for Peanuts recipe idea of Pesto Peanut Spaghetti that we created in November 2022, we wanted to create something a little sweeter.

As today is National Flapjack Day let’s put our Sea Salted Peanuts to the test! We wanted to see if we could create a delicious sweet and salty treat whilst keeping it low-cost.

One of our favourite reasons to use peanuts is because they’re a really affordable source of protein, fibre, heart-healthy fats and energy (aka calories).  In fact our research shows that it’s 2.5 times more expensive to get your daily protein from a protein bar than it is from Real Handful peanuts.

Roughly chopped Sea Salted Peanuts

Here’s some fun flapjack facts to think about whilst getting in the spirit of National Flapjack Day!

  • If you didn’t know flapjack was first recorded as a food in England in the 1600s. This proves that it’s definitely a classic snack! The term ‘flapjack’ first came to light in a comedic poem written by John Taylor in 1620.
  • Shakespeare even debuted ‘flapjacks’ in his Pericles, Prince of Tyre play! He eludes to it being a common English dessert from the time. "Come, thou shant go home, and we'll have flesh for holidays, fish for fasting-days, and moreo'er puddings and flap-jacks, and thou shalt be welcome.” (Act II Scene I)

So, we thought we’d use National Flapjack Day to match the flavours of peanuts and flapjack to see if they can be a dream team, that is not only nutritious but that cures your sweet tooth.

Cost per batch:

Around £4.90 per batch when using Real Handful Sea Salted Peanuts (per serving 30p)

Around £3.57 per batch when using supermarket brand salted peanuts (per serving 22p)



250g of salted butter

100g of Demerara sugar

100g of golden syrup

100g of crunchy peanut butter

450g of porridge oats

100g of salted peanuts, roughly chopped

75g of dark chocolate (optional)



  • Turn your oven up to 180°C to start pre-heating.
  • Use a large pan to melt butter, sugar, golden syrup and peanut butter together. Once the mixture has combined and it starts to bubble, remove it from the heat.
  • Next add (the best ingredient) chopped peanuts and oats to the pan and give it a mix so that everything in combined.
  • Now press the mixture flat into an oven proof tin.
  • Once flat bake your flapjack for 15 minutes. Check it after 10 minutes as you don’t want to over do it!
  • Now let the flapjack cool on the side before cutting. We know it’s tempting but be patient!

If you fancy it, melt the dark chocolate and drizzle it on top for that an extra sugary hit.

  • And finally, just enjoy a flapjack on your favourite plate with a cup of tea in your favourite mug. 

Give it a try and share it on socials! Tag us @realhandful

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