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Beer and Peanuts: the perfect pair!

Posted by Caitlin Nuttall on
Beer and Peanuts: the perfect pair!

There’s no better pair than a pint of beer and a packet of peanuts, right? But have you ever stopped to think why that might… 

The science behind your favourite pub duo

We all know the old ploy of selling peanuts behind the bar to get more people buying beer, but what you might not know is that peanuts actually make beer taste better!

The hop in beer can sometimes make the alcohol taste quite bitter, but the sodium chloride, AKA salt, found in peanuts helps to counteract the bitterness and makes it more pleasant to drink.

Peanuts also counterbalance the dry mouth you sometimes get when drinking a beer, thanks to the tannins, a by-product from the brewing process. The volume of heart healthy fats found in peanuts naturally relubricates the mouth, making you feel more hydrated whilst you sip on a cold one.

Have you ever noticed that if you drink water after eating peanuts you still find bits leftover in your mouth? Well, this doesn’t happen with a pint of beer. Due to its hops and carbonation, the alcoholic beverage helps lift the remaining peanuts off your palate after eating, so you don’t feel overfull or too salty and are ready for the next handful.

The best beer and peanut pairings

Indian Pale Ale (IPA) matches perfectly with sea salted or black pepper peanuts thanks to their notes of citrus and higher levels of bitterness. If this is your drink of choice, check out our Sea Salted baked peanuts or our Salt & Black Pepper Air Nuts for a lighter way to snack.

If you prefer a more floral and fruity beer, you need to try our Hot Chilli baked peanuts and Hot Chilli Air Nuts with some Pale Ale.

Let us know if you’re a beer and peanuts bar snacker on our social media. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some giveaways coming soon with some of our favourite beer brands.

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