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We Made a Kids Snack – here’s what you need to know about BUNDLZ

Posted by Joe Taylor on
We Made a Kids Snack – here’s what you need to know about BUNDLZ

Listen up Real Handfuls,

At Handful HQ we already make snacks for grown ups, but with three cheeky boys at home, we decided it was about time we created something unruly for little handfuls too.  Rather than rely on fruit pulp made from concentrates our new BUNDLZ use real fruit bundl’d together with puffed rice and oats in a yummy yoghurt coating. They come in two awesome flavours – Strawberry & Raspberry and Apple & Blackberry. Sure they don’t look ‘perfect’ but we love the fact that every BUNDL is unique. They’re always fun, delicious and contain about 40% less sugar than other kids yoghurt snacks available today – as well as being high in fibre and under 90 calories per bag.

In fact they’re so good we have a sneaky suspicion that adults might be raiding lunch boxes for them too, but we’re ok with that. Grown-ups might like to know that our BUNDLZ snacks can be bought from Sainsbury’s stores across the country and online.

Proceeds from each pack we sell will also go towards our KIDZ Foundation – which produces tens of healthier thousands of snacks every year for families impacted by food poverty. You can find out more info about what we’re up to here.

We hope you snack happy!

If you get your hands on BUNDLZ, then tag us in a picture on @realhandful, we’d love to hear from you!

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