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The Pros & Cons of Investing in Real Handful

Posted by Joe Taylor on
The Pros & Cons of Investing in Real Handful

If like us, you spend most of your life plagued by indecision (ice-cream or cheesecake, Ant or Dec, to be or not to be…) then you may end up making lots of lists of pro’s and cons.  So for those of you umming and ahhing about whether to make an investment in our current crowdcube campaign we’ve taken a bit of time to write a pros and cons list for you. “How kind” you might be thinking, but before you give us too much credit we must warn you that from our somewhat biased viewpoint we couldn’t think of any cons so we’ve just focused on the pros – they are however, very good pros.

Join our Unruly Family

As a family run business by investing you will become, by extension, a member of the Real Handful family.  That means regular updates from Handful HQ, lots of opportunities to sample new products as we develop them and access to exclusive competitions and initiatives as we grow.

Free Snacks

Invest from £30 and up and you’ll receive some delicious free snacks by post.  Why not invest for a friend or family member at the same time? Perfect for any loved ones taking part in Veganuary, as all of our adult range is Vegan.

EIS Tax Relief

As a qualifying smaller business your investment in Real Handful will benefit from HMRC’s EIS scheme.  That means tax relief worth 30% of the amount invested along with further benefits and protections in the future. Have a look here for a quick run down of what that really means – Crowdcube EIS.

You will own* us!

Investing in Real Handful means just that, you will own a little piece of us and as we look to grow the value of our company, your shareholding will grow proportionately.  You of course also get that warm fuzzy feeling every time you see us on a shelf in the wild (i.e. in the supermarkets) knowing that you are part of Real Handful and supporting our mission to improve the snacking habits of the UK.

Be a Force for Good

In the UK, our top 10 most popular snacks list is still dominated by the likes of chocolate, crisps, sweet biscuits, confectionary, cakes and breaded goods.  All foods that are low in the nutrients we should be getting from our snacks to power through to the next meal time.  We think Trail Mix is a great solution so help us build the popularity of this naturally nutritious snack. At the same time support our Real Handful Kids Foundation which in 2019 donated 15,000 kid-friendly snacks to households impacted by Food Poverty.

Hopefully that’s a useful starting point but of course do always remember – CAPITAL AT RISK!

Stay Unruly,

Joe & Carly

* a bit of

Join us on our crowdfunding journey!

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