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Super Speedy Bircher Museli

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Super Speedy Bircher Museli

Continuing our Better Breakfast month, this week we are hearing from Eli (you may know her as @cerealandpeanutbutter) and her recipe for super speedy bircher muesli!

Overnight Oats Ingredients

1 bag of Go Go Goji Berry Real Handful

1/3 cup of Rude Health bircher muesli (oats, apple, raisins, banana)

2 tbsp cacao powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 cup of innocent almond milk

Caramelised Banana Ingredients

1 Banana

Dash of coconut oil

Sprinkling of cinnamon


Mix all the porridge ingredients together in a bowl and place in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, fry your banana in coconut oil and cinnamon, until it is caramelised.

Top your bowl off with Go Go Goji Berry trail mix!

So why is this such a nutritious breakfast? Bananas are packed with energy-boosting carbohydrates and heart-healthy potassium, oats are high in fibre which can help lower cholesterol levels, cacao is rich in antioxidants and the trail mix provides protein and healthy fats!

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