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Our New Incredible Autumn Snack Has Entered Centre Stage!

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Our New Incredible Autumn Snack Has Entered Centre Stage!

The temperature is dropping, the nights are drawing in and pumps have been out of petrol...But it's not all bad because Autumn also means Halloween, Bonfire Night, crisp walks in the park and Christmas is just around the corner. It also means the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte but for too long the perfect snack to go with your PSL hasn't existed until now...

Thanks to our friends Sainsbury's something huge is happening this year. Our brand-new Autumn Edition Toffee Apple Peanut has launched in every single Sainsbury's store in the UK where you can find them hanging out all over the store on smart little shelf strips.

Our regular top notch Hi-Oleic, Protein Packing Argentinian Peanuts caramelised in a delicious crispy Vegan Friendly Toffee Apple Shell.

So, grab your little bit of autumn, packed in a handy snack-able bag perfect for all occasions.

Time for some Toffee Apple Peanut bobbing anyone?

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