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Air Nuts - The Evolution in Nut Snacking

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Air Nuts - The Evolution in Nut Snacking

Joe, our Co-Founder, is on a mission to boldly go where no snack company has been before. 

Introducing the Air Nut, the aerated nut snack with an out-of-this-world texture for a much crunchier mouthful! Much lighter than regular nut snacks, packed with fibre and protein and under 115 calories per serving* - they're Nuts, Evolved. 

Air NutAir Nuts Range








What is an Air Nut?

We blend 83% crushed nuts with rice flour and expertly season them (we don't use any oil).  They are then baked and put through a unique aeration process. The outcome is a delicious nut snack with a lighter honeycomb texture.  

What Flavours Are Available?

We have four delicious flavours - classic Sea Salted, warming Salt & Black Pepper, moorish Cheese & Onion and fiery Hot Chilli. 

Where can I buy them?

They are available from all Whole Foods Market stores, our Online Shop and soon on Amazon.

Are they Healthy?

By being lighter Air Nuts weigh in at less than 115 cals per serving*, they are a natural source of protein and high in fibre, a perfect alternative to crisps.

Are Air Nuts Vegan?

Three of our Air Nut flavours are Vegan Friendly and our Cheese & Onion flavour is Vegetarian Friendly.  We're continuing development on this flavour and we hope to announce the ranger as fully Vegan Friendly soon.

Any Other Questions?

Drop us a DM on instagram or message

 *based on a 20g serving


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