Vegan Lemon & Orange Cheesecake

September 3, 2019

This easy and delicious vegan cheesecake is a total table pleaser. It involves a little bit of prep so make sure you don’t leave this showstopper to the last minute, here’s the recipe:


The Base

30g coconut oil, plus another dollop for greasing

100g blanched almonds

100g soft pitted dates

The topping

300g cashew nuts

2 ½ tablespoons of agave nectar

50g coconut oil

150ml almond milk

2 lemons, zested and juiced

2 packets of Real Handful Blood Orange Burst


Place your cashews into a large bowl

Pour boiling water over them and leave the nuts for an hour to soak

Whilst this is happening whizz up your ‘base’ ingredients in a food blender and add a sprinkle of salt

Grease your tart tin with coconut oil (you’ll need one around 23cm in diameter)

Then press your yummy base into the dish (this will need to cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes – as we said before this recipe is all in the prep)

Drain the cashews and tip the lot into your food processor

Add the rest of the topping ingredients to this, but keep back a quarter of the lemon zest and one bag of Real Handful (you’ll need this for serving decoration)

Blitz this until it is nice and smooth

Now plop the creamy topping onto the base and let it cool in the fridge for about two hours

When you’re ready to serve it dust the lemon zest and other packet of Real Handful Blood Orange Burst on top

Cut a huge slice and enjoy

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