Honey and Blood Orange Fruit Salad

April 16, 2019

In time with the brighter weather, we’ve got a recipe for a bright dessert with a little blood orange kick.

Ingredients (makes one huge bowl):
200g fresh strawberries , diced
1 fresh pineapple , diced
200g blueberries
1 packet of red grapes
4 kiwis

Honey Orange Dressing

3 tablespoons of honey
Zest of one orange
Juice of one orange
3 bags of Blood Orange Burst Real Handful


Chop all your fruit and mix together in a huge bowl.

Grate the zest of the orange into a separate bowl. Squeeze the juice of the orange into the same bowl. Mix the honey into this bowl too.

Combine this dressing with the fruit salad. Sprinkle your Blood Orange Burst over the fruit salad and there you have it, a lovely fresh fruit salad!

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