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We’ve won some design awards

Posted by Joe Taylor on
We’ve won some design awards

We’ve won some design awards and we thought you might like to hear about it.

When we launched Real Handful in 2016 everyone used to say our packs looked ‘nice’. But we didn’t want to be another ‘nice kid’ in the class. We wanted to ruffle a few feathers and challenge the assumption that dried fruits & nuts are just boring bird feed for humans. As our name suggests we want Real Handful to be about fun, energy & flavours that bring these awesome snacks to life. So, we spent 13 months running a rebrand project aka ‘no more mr nice guy’. With tight budgets & a small team, it was a big risk.

Our new packs

Working with Midday Studio and Call Me George(s) we were pushed to the brink of our comfort zone, but it was only through this process that we could bring the unruly flavour and personality of Real Handful to life. So embarking on this project was a big risk for us, therefore to find out we had won a Gold Fab Award, a D&AD wooden pencil, a Dieline and a Gold Pentaward was absolutely amazing. We’re feeling pretty happy we didn’t settle for nice.

We’d love to see your snaps of our new packs on social, tag us at @realhandful!

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