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Come and See us at Lunch - Stand E32

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Come and See us at Lunch - Stand E32

At the end of September, we will be attending our first post-Covid trade show and we cannot wait.

We will be at Lunch! with our delicious, yet nutritious snacks and we cannot contain our excitement!

With it being our first trade show post-Covid, we thought it would be great to share some tips, 10 to be exact, on surviving your first post-Covid trade show.

1. Visualise in advance, think about all those salespeople pitching their little hearts out to you, talking about things you just don’t understand, don’t worry, they wont notice.

2. Know your nearest escape routes. In an event of a heavy ‘pitching’, be aware of your nearest ‘safe zone'. 

3. Be badge aware. Now you’ll have to have a badge to enter the show, but once you’re in be aware that that ‘Head of Buying’ badge you are so innocently wearing will transform you into a salesperson homing beacon. So, flip that badge ASAP.

4. Whip round the show in the first hour after opening and you’ll only encounter the hard-working people setting up the stand. They will be way too interested in ensuring their samples are arranged perfectly to notice you.

5. Always travel with a friend. Salespeople are naturally confused by buyers travelling in pairs. They will be too baffled and filled with doubt about how to pitch to you- sit back and enjoy the show.

6. Get your backup business card at the ready! Remember that fake mobile number you used to use at the end of that really bad blind date?  Same principle, get yourself a couple of dozen fake business cards printed off.  Our personal favourite is Benjamin/Barbara Uyer, Head of Global Imports & Exports, You’re welcome.

7. Next up, the poker face. Like any poker player we've all got a 'tell' so make sure before attending that you practice your poker face, so you don't reveal your true excitement at that game-changing piece of NPD (we've heard there's some at STAND E32). 

8. Stay Hydrated. We’ve heard it’s extremely important. That’s it, that’s the tip.

9. Take a really, really, really big bag. It's time to dust off your biggest shopping bag and go to town because Lunch! show is going to be a bonanza of samples and goodies from the most awesome suppliers around.  At STAND E32 we're not going to be shy about loading you up with snacking goodies.

10. Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy chatting again. At the end of the day salespeople are just humans like you and I - filled with hopes, dreams and genuine positive intent. Once you've popped by STAND E32 we recommend visiting some of our favourite people in the industry too, here's our top 5...Amber & Seb (Brave Foods, K30), Olly & Will (Olly's Pretzels/Olives/Nuts, K21), Rich & Charlie (Moju Drinks, J37), Julia & Kirsten (Nix & Kix, D26), Meenesh (Wholey Moly).

We hope these post-Covid trade show tips help you survive Lunch! 2021, we can’t wait to see you there!

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