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Episode 3 - The Incredible Legacy of Dr Ron Hill

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Episode 3 - The Incredible Legacy of Dr Ron Hill
Greater Manchester Business Podcast - Episode 3
Dr Ron Hill MBE is quite simply a legend of the sport of running – a world record holder, an Olympian, a running entrepreneur and someone who worked tirelessly to champion the health benefits of running.
Over 40 years ago Graham Richards started work at Ronhill Sports, the innovative running apparel business started by Dr Ron Hill MBE in 1970.  He is now Managing Director of Ronhill Sports and Hilly Clothing (another business started by Dr Ron Hill) and in this episode shares the incredible story of Ron Hill – his running career, the innovations he brought to the running apparel industry and his ongoing legacy after Ron sadly passed away earlier in 2021. 
Both businesses were founded in Greater Manchester and 50 years on still operate from here today, under the ownership of the Bollin Group, continuing to bring meaningful innovation to market for all runners - from enthusiastic amateurs to elite level athletes. 
ronhill clothing
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