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The Better Breakfast Series is Back – Fig & Hazelnut Butter Porridge

Posted by Joe Taylor on
The Better Breakfast Series is Back – Fig & Hazelnut Butter Porridge

November marks the launch of our Better Breakfast month. We’ve collaborated with Moma Oats, Rebel Kitchen Mylks and some of our favourite bloggers to bring you a month of oatspiration. Each week a blogger will be creating us a better breakfast and we’ll be sharing the recipe, the nutritional value and a chance for you to win your own better breakfast kit too if you check out our Instagram.

First up is @apinchofbella who made us fig and hazelnut butter porridge.


1 x Go Go Goji Trail mix

1/2 cup Moma Oats

1 cup water

1/2 cup of Rebel Kitchen Mylk

Chopped Figs


1/2 cup Moma oats simmered in 1 x cup water + 1/2 cup Rebel Kitchen Mylk and a dash of salt.

Once the oats are creamy and soft (around 10 mins on a medium to low meat) take off the heat to serve.

Sprinkle the Goji Mix on top, along with chopped figs or any other seasonal fruit, hazelnut butter & honey or maple syrup to taste.

If you were to start the day with this bowl, it would give you 12.6g of fibre and 17.3g of plant protein.

Got some Better Breakfast recipes? Send them to, we’d love to hear from you!

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