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Spicing up January with Hot Chilli Peanuts

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Spicing up January with Hot Chilli Peanuts

Hot Chilli Peanuts with Goodness Baked in

We are so pleased to announce a new spicy addition to the Real Handful Nut Family - Hot Chilli Peanuts. 

These top notch Argentinian Hi-Oleic Peanuts are naturally seasoned in hot chilli perfect to enjoy with that evening beer or to heat up the party table! As always, our nuts are only ever oven baked, not fried or roasted like those other nuts. 

hot chilli peanuts

It has taken several months to perfect this recipe and ensure the right balance of heat versus flavour so we cant wait to hear what you think.

Go on its time to spice up that evening snack habit with our oven baked, naturally seasoned, hot chilli peanuts.  A real handful of protein.

Available on our online store and amazon prime in our popular bulk bags!


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