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Introducing Craft Baked Hi-Oleic Peanuts and Californian Almonds

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Real Handful Craft Baked Peanuts and Almonds

We are celebrating the new year with the launch of our new range of ‘Craft Baked’ nuts.  The range includes individually seasoned Hi-Oleic Peanuts and Californian Almonds air-baked in small batches offering a distinctive clean taste and texture.

The range launches in Ocado in January and will be followed by a listing with Sainsbury's (219 Stores) in March.  The range will be available in recyclable 50g impulse packs and 112g resealable pouches.

Real Handful Sea Salted Craft Baked Peanuts

The launch range includes new takes on classic flavours like Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Smoky BBQ along with ‘new to category’ flavours like ‘Sweet & Salty’, with further new flavours to be added to the range in the future.

Joe Taylor, founder of Real Handful commented ‘From our roots in Fruit & Nut ‘Trail Mix’ snacking we recognise the incredible benefits that are inherent in snacking on nuts, veggies and pulses and couldn’t be more excited to start our journey into savoury snacking with our new ‘Craft Baked’ nuts range.

Salt and Vinegar Craft Baked Peanuts

With some consumers concerned about levels of fat in salted peanuts in particular we want to help to address this concern by championing the “good fats” in these amazing ingredients, using the most naturally functional varieties available, ensuring we process them with care and most importantly ensuring they taste fantastic.  To that end we will be using Hi-Oleic Argentinian Peanuts which are significantly higher in mono-unsaturated fats than regular peanuts* and top-grade Californian Almonds.  Our nuts will only ever be air baked in the UK rather than fried or roasted as most other nuts are.  The full range is vegan friendly, offers a natural source of protein, is high in fibre and will include the use of recyclable packaging to break this category norm.”

‘’Consumer response has been fantastic, validating our assumption that nut snacking is a staple where consumers are looking for new and ‘better’ ways to support their snacking habits.  We think it’s about time that nut snacking, and peanut snacking in particular, see the same kind of innovation and growth that categories like Peanut Butter have seen in recent years.’’


Craft Baked Smoky BBQ Almonds

* 39g of Monounsaturated Fats p/100g in Hi-Oleic Peanuts versus 19.7g of Monounsaturated Fats p/100g in 'Regular' Peanuts based on independent testing.

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