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Incoming…The Plant Protein Mix ‘Free Trial Pack’ has landed!

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Incoming…The Plant Protein Mix ‘Free Trial Pack’ has landed!

Our Oven Baked Peanuts ‘Free Trial Pack’ went down a treat, so we have decided to spoil you even more by bringing you the Plant Protein Mix ‘Free Trial Pack’.

This time, we are shining the spotlight on our NEW Plant Protein Mixes. These Trail Mixes are packed full of our premium nuts and your favourite flavours, with a little crunchy corn to top off this awesome mix.

Your box will contain three handy 35g pouches of our new savoury snacks, just pay £1 postage at the checkout, limited to one box per unruly household. 

In this unruly box of snacks there will be:


Our Sweet and Salty Trail Mix contains our finest Oven Baked Hi-Oleic Argentinian Peanuts, higher in those Monounsaturated fats we talk about so much, and packed full of sweet and salty flavour to give you our wonderful take on the cinema classic popcorn, enjoy!

The Salt & Vinegar Trail Mix and Smokin’ BBQ Trail Mix both include a perfect mix of, of course, our Oven Baked peanuts, with Californian Almonds and topped off with crunchy corn for a delicious blend of nutrition in a pouch.

Our Salt & Vinegar Trail Mix is naturally seasoned with that, oh so loved, zingy salt and vinegar flavour, to bring you our version of the favourite salt and vinegar flavour in a nutritious snacking moment.

Last but certainly not least, is our Smokin’ BBQ Trail Mix. This delicious mix is coated with smokey chipotle BBQ natural seasoning ready to bring you that unruly flavour and function and is definitely worth being the third star in our ‘Free Trial Pack’.

If you love what you try in our 'Free Trial Pack', you can buy our new Trail Mix range at a number of Waitrose stores across the UK. 

Wow, you have been spoilt! So go grab your ‘Free Trial Pack’ while our stocks last. Enjoy Handfuls.


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