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Find Our Hi-Oleic Peanuts in The Good Prep’s Healthy Meal Prep Boxes

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Find Our Hi-Oleic Peanuts in The Good Prep’s Healthy Meal Prep Boxes

Last week we teamed up with fellow North West company, The Good Prep, launching as their first branded snack partner.

With Covid-19 keeping us locked in at home for over a year, recipe box businesses have certainly risen in popularity and given people the cooking convenience they need, without having to leave home.

The idea is you order your box, full of the specific ingredients you need to create fabulous meals without leaving your home...and the best part is the ingredients are all specifically measured out for your needs so there is much less food waste, incredible! 

The Good Prep certainly know what they are doing on the recipe box front, offering you a variety of different meal plans to get you started on a real journey of health and convenience, and, of course, taste...and what's better, our Hi-Oleic Peanuts and Californian Almonds are on offer as well! 

Being part of this incredible growing trend has been a very exciting venture for us and we couldn’t be more excited have our Craft Baked Peanuts and Savoury Trail Mixes on offer in The Good Prep’s healthy meal prep boxes!

Our delicious snacks available with The Good Prep are:

  • Sea Salted Craft Baked Peanuts
  • Sweet and Salty Trail Mix
  • Salt and Vinegar Verve Trail Mix
  • Smokin’ BBQ Trail Mix

Head over to The Good Prep to order your meal prep boxes now and discover a whole new world of healthy and tasty convenience.  


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