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Eat Sweat Reset - January Goals

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Eat Sweat Reset - January Goals

We have teamed up with Eat Sweat Reset a custom curated, health and fitness subscription box, which is delivered to your door every month.

We have seen a proliferation of online subscription services over the last year but this one really stood out as something a little more unique within health and wellbeing to keep us motivated as we train more at home. 

The boxes are filled with everything from premium functional fitness wear and training accessories to recovery tools and supplements, recipe cards and most importantly, snacks(!)

Kelly Skinner and Lucy Bailey the co-founders searched far and wide for the perfect fitness and wellbeing bundle, but realised there was nothing on the market in the UK that wasn’t just a box full of protein bars or shakes. 

As two girls who are fitness fanatics and massive foodies, their mission is to provide something that’s not just convenient but that educates, excites and inspires you to eat well, train hard and recover smart. Along with supporting some of the most awesome, independent UK brands all at an affordable price. Each box is valued at up to two times the price you pay.

Now more than ever, it's super important to fuel the mind, challenge the body and feed the soul. 

Their aim is to provide;

  • Guaranteed value for money.
  • Introductions to exciting new brands and products.
  • Education on balancing food (includes doughnuts & pancakes), fitness and overall well being.
  • The tools to eat well, train hard and recover smart; both physically and mentally.
  • Monthly updates to your active wear wardrobe and give you something to look forward to every month! 

Look out for our Espress So and So in their next box!

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