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Beer and Nuts the perfect pairing..

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Beer and Nuts the perfect pairing..

We’ve teamed up with our fellow Northern friends at SaltaireBrewery to create new ‘snacking moments’ to go with their delicious range of beers – from pale ales, to dark beer and everything in between – they’ve got a beer for you!

Saltaire and Real Handful

Much Like us, the guys and gals at Saltaire are all about Beer.Done.Right – focussing on flavour and quality, so pairing up was a no brainer.  Their aim is always to create exceptional beer for drinkers everywhere.  With this in mind, our first Snacking Moment is focussed around their new #LowAlcohol beer, Northern Light, offering a new drinking experience from the Saltaire Team! And, from now until the end of March 2021, with every case of Northern Light they sell, we’ll chuck in a 112g bag of RealHandful Sea Salted Nuts to munch on - to take your experience to the next level. 
A fresh new take on a classic pairing - we think you’d be nuts not to give it a try! Grab yours from Monday 1st March for UK-wide delivery -

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