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Air Nuts are in the Craft Gin Club 'Trailblazers' Box

Posted by Joe Taylor on
Air Nuts are in the Craft Gin Club 'Trailblazers' Box

We're really excited to share that Craft Gin Club have featured our innovative new 'Air Nuts' range in their May subscription box which will be going out to tens of thousands of gin lovers across the UK this week.

We've already had some lovely feedback on the range from Craft Gin Clubbers;

"Those Air Nuts are the bomb"
"I love nuts but these are so much healthier and less guilt inducing"
"Air Nuts are def going to be my new favourite"
"So odd but delicious"
"These were weird but scarily gorgeous"

Great to see sooooo many people having a chance to try the range and if you've never checked out Craft Gin Club before do have a peek.  It's definitely more than just a box of goodies (which of course it is too) - every month there is a different theme and some wonderful stories shared from their drinks and snacks producer and a magazine and online content with loads of cocktail and drinking inspiration.


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