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A Day in the Life of: Spring & Tonic, PR Agency

Posted by Joe Taylor on
A Day in the Life of: Spring & Tonic, PR Agency

We sat down with Jess and Emily, the duo that make up Spring & Tonic PR – an agency that specialises in PR for health focussed food and drink brands. Here’s what they had to say about the objects they keep on their desks to the advice they have for breaking into the industry.

Hello Jess and Emily, could you introduce yourselves and give us a potted history of Spring and Tonic – we’d especially like to know where the great name came from?

Hello! We are Jess and Emily, friends, business partners and co-founders of Spring & Tonic PR.   After too many years to mention working in the PR industry, we set up on our own just over 4 years ago.  We work specifically with health focused food and drink brands (and booze!)  offering them a senior collaborative PR service, we do everything from strategy to day to day delivery.  With regards to the name, we actually set up separately to start with, and as fate wold have it – the names worked well together!

What does an average day look like for you both?

No day is ever the same! We tend to work around media meetings and can either be found working from the office, a cafe, or our kitchen table. We talk about food and drink all day long….

What objects, food, books or materials can we find on your desk?

Newspapers, magazines, a hot drink and a laptop…

How did you come to work with Real Handful?

We were lucky enough that they got in touch with us a lot of our brands resonated with them…and it all went from there.

What are the challenges and rewards of running your own agency?

The rewards far outweigh the challenges, we absolutely love what we do and who we work with.  Being able to work with some of the most incredible talent in the industry is both fun and inspiring. We’re not very good with the numbers…or receipts!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Don’t underestimate the uniqueness of what you can offer being just the two of us.

We’ve often considered growing and taking on a team, but we know that this would significantly change what we are currently able to offer our clients.

What would be your tip for anyone looking to get into the food and drink start-up world in any capacity?

Do your research…whether you’re a launching a brand yourself or looking to work for one that’s already out there – having a solid understanding of the brand and their market is absolutely key.  Be prepared to work hard and have a ‘can do attitude’, in the start-up world you need to be ready to take on work far from your job description!

Describe the best meal you’ve ever eaten – what and where?

The Hand and Flowers is always a favourite – perfectly executed and elevated pub food.

Any book, film, TV, podcast, restaurant or snack recommendations for the readers?

The Menu on Monochle24…love it

The snack that you would take to a dessert island with you?

A Real Handful Choc Orange Chase…failing that you can never go wrong with a packet of quavers.

Thanks Jess and Emily, it was lovely to hear from you both. Have a look at our blog for more editions of our ‘Day in the Life of’ series.

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