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9 Unruly Snack Facts

Posted by Joe Taylor on
9 Unruly Snack Facts

Time to confess. It’s not just our Mint Choc Chipper who has a reputation for being a little bit unruly.

The team here have some pretty horrendous snacking habits too, if you haven’t seen them already, the meet the team page is where to go. But being in the food industry, we knew full well we weren’t alone. So, we put together a list of fun unruly facts about brands and foods, mostly for your enjoyment, but also to make us feel better about our penchant for dipping biscuits in jars of Nutella.

Nutella is a serious guilty pleasure for the Real Handful team

Here goes:

The man who created Pringles requested that his his cremated remains be buried in a Pringles can. Needless to say his children fulfilled his wish.

Also in the world of crisps, Frito-Lay employed almost 500 scientists and worked with a ridiculously expensive chewing-simulation device to achieve an unparalleled crunchy crisp level.

The Cheetos mascot as we know him today – Chester Cheetah wasn’t always around, he started life as a mouse and didn’t start life as a cat until around 1986.

From crisps to drinks, Coca-Cola is specially made to taste distinctive yet “forgettable” because our tongues get tired of stronger, more recognisable tastes. So tongue fatigue = more sales, basically.

A canned peach was the first fruit to be eaten on the moon. Space fruit!

The cookie-to-crème ratio of an Oreo is unfailingly 71 percent to 29 percent. Some things just work.

From tasty things to the grosser aspects of food. Castoreum which is used as a substitute vanilla flavouring, is taken from the anal glands of beavers. Don’t worry, we’ll never go beaver juice unruly.

No beaver juices will be found in our snacks.

Almonds are actually a seed, not a nut as we know it. Mind. Blown.

Chocolate was once used as currency, the good ol’ cocoa bean was traded for other goods and services in 250 A.D., in some areas of South America and Mexico. Shame that won’t cut it today.

We’d love to know your unruly snack facts, send them to for the chance to be featured in our newsletter!

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