Better Breakfast – Tahini Strawberry Porridge

December 5, 2019

Emily from @goodgracefoods raided through her pantry and found some tahini so made us a delicious better breakfast recipe with that and our very own Strawberry Stomp.



1/3 cup of jumbo rolled Moma oats

1 cup Rebel Kitchen plant milk

1 tsp honey⁣

Pinch salt ⁣




Real Handful Strawberry Stomp trail mix⁣⁣


Add 1/3 cup of rolled oats, add ingredients. Cook for a min of 15 mins, add water if the oats start to form within that time, so the oats remain soft.⁣

Test the oats, wait until they are soft, when the oats are just starting to form again, serve into a bowl. ⁣

Add chopped strawberries, strawberry stomp trail mix and tahini.

This bowl will get you 13.1g of protein and 9.1g of fibre!

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